Evolis: a unique all-round approach to motor activity

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Evolis: an osteo-dynamic workout that helps re-align the skeleton, improve posture, motor coordination and range of movement.

A method for everyone, long lasting results

The range of benefits linked to the use of Evolis® make it an unprecedented method of rehabilitation and regeneration, improving performance and overall health for all its users: from young professionals to the elderly, or people with limited mobility.

For everyone: it sculpts and hones the figure, improves posture, strengthens the perineum.
Overworked professionals: it re-invigorates, relieves back pain, relaxes.
Sedentary groups: it relieves back problems, strengthens muscles (particularly abdominal muscles), increases suppleness.
The elderly: it combats age related muscle wasting, improves posture, balance, motor coordination and suppleness, strengthens lower limbs and pelvic muscles, demands little cardiac effort, stimulates circulation.
Sports people: it provides eccentric muscular conditioning and optimum physical recuperation.
Teenagers: it safeguards growth.
The protocols are adapted for each age group, with several intensity levels depending on the stage of progression.

An all-round approach

This approach to bodily exercise doesn’t require any extreme effort nor does it put a strain on the heart. It includes a range of pleasant proprioceptive and kinesthetic experiences that render the body, stronger, more supple and more well balanced. Evolis® has a positive effect on the psyche and all the body’s other functions.
Evolis® helps strengthen the spine by acting simultaneously on the back and the stomach. Decompressing exercises aimed at deep and surface muscles re-invigorate the vertebral axis, improve articular physiology and make movement easier.

It acts on all the body’s systems: cardiac, skeletal, muscular, nervous,
respiratory, circulatory, lymphatic, digestive, urinary et endocrine.

How Evolis works

Evolis® generates a succession of gentle, active and passive stretching movements inducing eccentric muscle contraction, proprioceptive sensations, regular respiration and the activation of primitive reflex action.

• Slow, gentle traction. The user lies on a recliner that slides on its axis. Ties on the legs are fixed to a motorised pedalling system that exerts slow, gentle traction on the muscles. The whole body is stretched and deep and surface muscles can be exercised in a variety of different movements.
• Muscles are stretched and relaxedthroughout the cycle of rotation, from a safe, symmetrical position that doesn’t harm the rest of the body or damage the spine and pelvic area. The slow, repetitive stretching and relaxing movements are very calming, they loosen up the joints and improve vascularisation.
• Active or passive. The user can resist the traction of the pedalling system by gently flexing the knees reflexively or can simply allow the machine to stretch and relax the muscles. Everyone can have more control over their body by exercising thoroughly, within their limits, and without over exertion. The activity goes hand in hand with our natural rhythm of respiration.

The recognised advantages of passive stretching

Muscular reconditioning by neuro-muscular stimulation.
 Improvement in mobility and joint suppleness because of an increase in tissue elasticity.
 Relaxation and a calming action on the nervous system through a complex combination of interactions between fibres in the muscles and nerve fibres.

The recognised advantages of eccentric movements

An increase in maximum strength 3 times greater than that produced by concentric and isometric muscle building, in half the time.
3 to 5 times less energy expended for the same level of strength gained by concentric contraction.
Greater suppleness because of an increase in repeating sections of sarcomeres, enabling the muscle and connective tissues to resist elongation.
Gain in velocity / Conversely to classic training which improves strength but not speed, eccentric movements build up strength and speed by activating a larger number of fibres.
Recent studies show its effects in cases of osteoporosis and sarcopenia.

Research is going on around Evolis

Evolis® is the result of strict collaboration between an inventor, Jean Frelat, scientists, doctors, physiotherapists, osteopaths, sports coaches, biomechanics, health practitioners and high-level sports people, carried out with the accord of public and private partners.

• INSERM Dijon – Professor Michel Pousson, a specialist in the study of biomechanics and eccentric muscle building techniques.
As the result of a study carried out in 2004 “The Effects of the Appliance Evolis®” on the maintenance and balance of static and dynamic posture, it was shown that there was an increase in muscle strength. Using Evolis resulted in a gain in strength of between 17 to 23 % and a 10% improvement in walking speed and a 6% increase in the distance covered.
• UFRSTAPS Dijon University – Gilles Cometti
The prototypes developed by Jean Frelat are at the cutting edge of research into the techniques of muscle building. They offer a new way of sports training and physical reconditioning.
• HBilbao Hospital – Spain
Evolis® is offered by staff at the hospital in all cases of incontinence, at the request of Doctor Ander Astobieta (National Coordinator of Spanish Urologists).
• Giulianova Hospital – Italy
Professor De Cristofaro, an endocrinologist and nutritionist, a specialist in obesity and anorexia, includes Evolis® in his approach to eating disorders and calls it “a new concept of psychotherapy that focuses on the body”.

To go even further in an all-round approach to movement and motor activity, Holiste has teamed up with other innovators in the same field, under the label PHYSIO FRANCE®.

Evolis training sessions

In order to share 10 years of experience and observations, training sessions are organised.

Holiste organises days where practitioners and researchers can meet each other and share their experience of Evolis®, in order to talk about all the different ways the appliance can or could be used.