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Because an improvement in cellular oxygenation means better health in mind and body.
More than 2 500 health and wellbeing practitioners recommend and use Bol d’air in conjunction with their therapeutic practices.

Health practitioners and Bol d’air Jacquier

At various different levels, hypoxia – chronic oxygen depletion – affects a large majority of the general population, with a negative impact on health and vitality, but also on the ability to respond to treatments and therapies.
Pollution, partly to blame, is considered the primary aggravating factor in the cases of cardiovascular, pulmonary, metabolic and neurological problems.

This method of cellular oxygenation is recommended by doctors, physiotherapists, osteopaths, dentists, nurses and naturopaths…

Bol d’air: when and how to use it?

Bol d’air may be used both before and after a treatment or therapy.

aids relaxation of the patient
optimization of the treatment with benefits that last well after the session

helps with faster recuperation
makes the effects of the treatment last longer and with greater effectiveness

Easy to use; all it takes is for the user to place their nose at least 10 cm from the mouthpiece and to breathe normally. The Bol d’air® Aéro2 devices are especially designed for use in treatment rooms: they have either unlimited free access or can be locked and charged per session with the Pass model.