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Pollution, stress, illnesses, ageing… Just some of the factors which can reduce the efficiency of our everyday breathing. This reduction in oxygenation can change the way our bodies operate. To achieve a more balanced oxygenation, over 40 000 people have discovered the benefits of regular use of the Bol d’air.

Why use Bol d’air?

Bol d’air is the only natural oxygenation method that brings to the cells all the necessary oxygen for optimum function, without hyper oxygenation and avoidance of the creation of excess free radical production. Bol d’air is aimed at everyone who has an interest in maintaining or recapturing their optimum health and wellbeing, whatever their physical condition:
to speed up recovery in the case of chronic fatigue and/or stress
to maintain mental sharpness, physical wellbeing and heightened senses
to work alongside weight loss/diet
to aid with mental and physical preparation and recuperation during sport
to help teenagers with exam stress

Part of your new daily routine

Using Bol d’air every day is the best way to get the best results.
Begin with a few minutes a day, and gradually increase the time and the sessions.
The frequency and length of the sessions will vary with each individual.
It is more effective to have several short sessions per day than a single long session.
It is not recommended to make a session last longer than 15 minutes on the Tonic device or 5 minutes on the Aéro2 model.

Courses can be taken at home or with a licensee

Bol d’air intensive courses lasting from 20 to 30 days can be conducted in the comfort of your own home or in one of our 700 approved Bol d’air sites.