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Orésine is an essential oil distilled from resin from pine forests in the Landes, in Aquitaine and from Portugal. It is organically certified and respects very strict quality criteria.

From Landes pines

Resin from Pinus pinaster, better known as Landes pine or maritime pine, is the essential ingredient of Orésine.

Low pressure water vapour distillation: this process doesn’t use chemical additives and the resin yields essential turpentine oil. This shouldn’t be confused with the industrial product that bears the same name, that’s produced from crushed bark mixed with chemical solvents!
This essential oil is traditionally used in the manufacture of skin creams and other cosmetics and is used in spas, aromatherapy and the pharmaceutical industry.

Quality control and organic labelling: Orésine is an essential turpentine oil that has been chemotyped*, without delta-3-carene. Its composition is analysed in a laboratory by an accredited organisation; it has been given an “Organic Agriculture” label by Ecocert, which also guarantees its traceability.
* Chemotyping (CT) lists the chemical composition of essential oils. It is carried out by an independent laboratory that issues a certificate of analysis.

Precautionary measures

Rules for the use of essential oils
• Orésine must be kept out of the reach of children
• Orésine must not be stored in temperatures that exceed 60 °C
• left over products should be taken to a recycling centre: they must not be disposed of through the drainage system

How to use Orésine in the Bol d’air
Orésine is the only product to be controlled and guaranteed by Holiste for use in the Bol d’air. Approximate consumption for 2 or 3 people is 1 litre every 3 months, if the appliance is used every day.

If stored in its tinted glass bottle, Orésine can be kept for around 1 year after opening and for around 3 years before opening.

Warnings and counter-indications
In line with the use of essential oils, the Bol d’air should not be used by women whilst pregnant or breast feeding, nor should it be used by children under the age of 36 months.
Counter-indications: allergies to pine essences, epilepsy caused by terpenes.