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Product quality and safety… respect for the environment… local production. As soon as we started our business we took on board the key elements of sustainability.

Product quality and safety

lt’s our n°1 commitment and the primary one our customers have confidence in.
We use our expertise in:
the choice of compatible materials
the meticulous control of our supplies and of the parts that are made on site
the attention to detail of our assembly process and the quality control of each stage
the testing of finished products.

Our Tonic range of Bol d’air appliances are guaranteed for 2 years and the Aéro2 model is guaranteed for 3 years. An after sales service rate of return of less than 2% testifes to the level of quality we achieve.

Respect for the environment: eco-design and eco-production

Ever since we started the company, our key priority has been a commitment to innovation, eco-design and environmental demands.
Using the term eco-design currently means that we adhere to a strict set of standardised procedures for all our projects and are monitored by ADEME and CETIM.
The choice and origin of materials, the use of recycled materials, the life cycle of our products, whether they can be repaired, their electrical consumption, environmental economy etc., all these aspects are analysed and taken into account.
ln the same vein, we also strive to reduce water and energy consumption, recycle waste and collect old appliances.

To produce Orésine, we have set up an ecological pine resin collection process that preserves the trees, safeguards the flora and fauna and the health of the tapper.

Holiste is a member of “Eco-systèmes” which guarantees the collection, recycling and depollution of our electrical appliances in line with the strictest environmental and social specifications. “Eco-systèmes” is an eco-organisation certified by governmental bodies for the sector DEEE (Déchets d’Equipements Electriques et Electroniques – Waste from Electronic and Electrical Equipment).

 In 2015, Holiste was awarded the ″Business Trophy – Made in Charolais-Brionnais″.

In 2015, Holiste was awarded the ″Business Trophy – Made in Charolais-Brionnais″.

Made in France: an economic and social project

Developing employment in Burgundy
Holiste chose to set up in Artaix, in the south of Burgundy. The company’s founder wanted to help develop employment in this rural area where she has ancestral ties. Holiste currently has 30 employees in the canton of Marcigny where the appliances are produced on site. Outsourcing is not an option!

80 % local suppliers
Concerns for the local area also apply to the suppliers, 80% of whom come from close by. The guarantee of “Made in France” is a very relevant detail and Holiste is glad to have this label and sees it as important leverage in the battle to conquer new markets.

Creating activity in Aquitaine
lt’s also under the banner of “Made ln France” and as an economic and social project, that we have developed Biogemme in Aquitaine, the largest forested area in Europe.
Having developed a modern, environmentally friendly and economically viable method of collecting pine resin, we are helping to regenerate this activity, and in the Landes, we have created a new type of Job and are stimulating more employment opportunities.
The undertaking is supported by DIRECTE, the General Council of the Landes, BPI France and the association Gemme La Forêt d’Aquitaine.